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Juice Ninja

Juice Ninja

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Check out this hot electric juicer USB rechargeable handheld smoothie blender fruit mixers milkshake maker machine! It is made with food grade materials, including PP, PC, ABS, and 304 stainless steel, so you can rest assured it is safe and non-toxic. It also has multiple power supply modes, including mobile power supply, vehicle port USB power supply, and mobile phone charger. Charge it for 3-4 hours and you get 6-8 cups!

It features a stainless steel solid cutter head, which provides a 360 degree whirlwind stirring without dead angles. Plus, its four leaf three-dimensional crushing and rolling cutting help retain the fruit juice nutrition. It has a capacity of 380ml and comes in pink, blue, green, and purple.

Package includes one juicer and one English packaging. Get yours now!

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